Sissy Crossdresser In White Open Bottom Girdle

Mistress Alice and Her White Girdled Sissy

Mistress Alice has a fun feminization session with Sissy Pinky.  Sissy Pinky has a special fondness for white foundation wear. For this session he's wearing a one piece open bottom girdle and stockings held up by old fashioned garter tabs.  Mistress puts him in a girly blonde wig and begins to tease and humiliate him by making him hard inside his girdle. When he's excited and prancing she pulls the girdle open and his big hard sissy cop pops out. There he is dressed like a girl even wearing a curly blonde wig with his huge erection sticking straight out of his girdle embarrassing him in front of Mistress Alice.
After exposing hime and making him even more had and excited she restrains his arms and legs to the sissy milking table. When he's tightened down with legs spread and sissy cock and balls exposed…the milking begins!