Watching Her Getting Dressed Made Him Hard In His Panties Part 1


A young man is enchanted by his sexy mother.  She often walks around the house in her lingerie and underwear.  Seeing his mother like that excites him but he wanted to see more.  Walking by her room one day he saw that she had left the door open.  He was stood perfectly still and quiet and watched.  First her open bottom girdle, then bending over to let her breast fall into the bra cups.  Next stockings and a full white nylon slip. He was getting hard in his panties watching her when suddenly he coughed.  He has been caught.  "Well son, if you enjoy watch your mother get dressed why don't you come in her and sit with me?" His cock was hard and she noticed.  "Since I'm in my underwear you should be too. She smiled when she saw the hard cock sticking out of his panties. "Come here, You can't be walking around with a hard cock like that.  I think I need to do something about that....and she did!