Dressed In Our Petticoats


This is sweet movie of this crossdresser wife playing and having fun with her sissy husband.  She's wearing a white petticoat, white nylon panties and a white bra while she dresses her sissy in frilly panties, pink petticoat stocking and garter belt.  She how she dresses and plays with him in his frill lacy sissy panties in front of the mirror so that he can see himself get hard excited.  She adores him and lace and frills and loves to make his cock hard.  They lays on the bed surrounded by their petticoats as she caresses her sissy husband, takes his clitty out of the leg opening of his panties and begin the slow delicious milking.

My Wife Finds Out

"I Told You NOT to Masturbate, Without Me Watching"


This is the first of a new series of movies of my wife and I sharing our kinky sex life. I'm an honest to goodness sissy husband. I've been cross dressing since I slipped on my mother's girdle when I was 11 years old.  I met my wife, Mrs Plush, 10 years ago.  It's with her support and encouragement that I've become a full and complete sissy husband. I left my corporate job and started this site so that I could work at home and fully express my sexuality and femininity
In this little movie my wife tells me she knows I've been masturbating without her.  We had agreed that I would only masturbate in her presence. As a punishment she tells me that I must perform for her. Oh My!


Cheryl Loves Sucking Men In Panties


Cheryl was the first woman that I paid to make a movie. She has never done anything like this before she read my ad. First she just modeled in her panties and lingerie but she loved doing that and being with me that I asked her if she would make a movie with me crossdressed. That idea excited her so I invited SharonCD over to film us and then I filmed them.

She had told me that she had dated a man that surprised her when she saw that he was wearing girls panties. She got very excited when seeing that so she was excited to see me and SharonCd in our lingerie.

You will see how much fun she had licking and kisses my panty bulge before she takes my cock out of my panties and suck me. The I ask her to lay on the couch and watch me while I masturbated and come on her panty gussset.SHE LOVED IT! WATCH AND SEE

Sissy Husband In Pigtails

Rikki And Mrs Plush

"Keep your eyes on my panties while you masturbate for me".  What a great ending.  Watch as Mrs Plush dresses me up like a little sissy and makes me worship her panties.  I lick and suck them for ever enjoying there feel and smell.  my wife has a delicious smelling pussy.  Knowing my addiction to panties she tells me to masturbate watching hers.

Adoring Wife Dresses And Panties Her Crossdressing Husband, Masturbates and Milks His Clitty Cock Part 1


His wife dressed her crossdressing husband all in black skirt and blouse.  A stark contrast to the white old fashion lingerie underneath.  She put him white full cut nylon panties with a pretty lace trim, white garter belt and dark brown stockings. Next came the item that turned him on the most.  A full slip.  It was traditional white, nylon with lots of lace and very slippery.  She rubbed his cock through the nylon panties and slip making him hard and swollen.  Just look at the tent in those white nylon full cut panties.

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Adoring Wife Dresses And Panties Her Crossdressing Husband, Masturbates and Milks His Clitty Cock Part 2


She lifted his skirt and full slip to get a good look at his cock in the nylon panties.  Being vulnerable and exposed like this always makes him hard.  He like to show off how hard he gets in panties.  She felt his panties cock and pantied balls.  Rubbing them both until there were wet spots on his panties.  He was dripping heavily and he was ready for milking.

Sissy crossdresser hand job with cock sticking out of panty


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Adoring Wife Dresses And Panties Her Crossdressing Husband, Masturbates and Milks His Clitty Cock Part 3


She stroked his nylon covered cock until it was good and erect.  She milked some pre-come from him to add to her spit.  It made him slippery.  She took his cock out of the leg opening of his full panties and began his masturbation milking.  She loved exciting him and she loved making and seeing him squirt his creamy sissy come.  The more the better.

Phaedra Makes Her Pantyboy Model and Pose In His Panties Part 3


She wants more from her pantyboy.  She pushes her panty covered ass into his crotch and feels his cock rubbing her panties and ass.  Not enough she says.  I want to feel that tongue of yours in my ass.  I want you to pull my panties down, lick my asshole and fuck it with your tongue.  "That"s right lick my hole all around.  Does that feel good? Is it making your cock harder? Now, push your tongue into my asshole.  You can do better than that.  Spread my cheeks and push into my asshole as far as you can.  Now, start fuckking my ass with your tongue, my sweet pantyboy

Milked In My Pantyhose

My Wife Milking me wearing pantyhose. she pulls my pantyhose down and takes my cock out of the panties and milks me into another pair of pink panties 

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