Phaedra Makes Her Pantyboy Model and Pose In His Panties Part 2


Phaedra loves to have her ass played with and who better to do it then her new pantyboy.  He was so excited he would do anything for her.  She tested him. "Rub you face all over my pantied ass.  Ye, that's right.  do you like my ass in these big panties" she asked.  "Now, pantyboy, pull my panties down just far enough so you can see my asshole.  You're going to spend sometime there.  Spread my cheeks and but your nose right up against my ass hole and take a deep breath and get a good smell of my ass and when your done with that like it around the edges while you're fingering my clit.

Phaedra Makes Her Pantyboy Model and Pose In His Panties Part 4


After a good tongue fucking of her asshole it's time for her pantyboy's reward.  She likes controlling her pantyboy's orgasm.  She likes them to stand in front of her, cock hard in their panties asking to be milked and released.  Phaedra gives his cock a squeeze and then begin the milking.  "Come, Pantyboy, you naughty ass fucking pantyboy come on my tits and panties.  You know you want to.  you love eating my pussy and ass and now I want to see that cock of your spurt and come.  I want to see your spunk flying.  Give it ti me NOW!"

Tranvestite Husband Has His Way With His Wife Part 1


He starts off easy and gentle. Caressing her cheeks and softly holding her breasts in his hand. His hands slide down to her panty crotch and holds her pussy in the palms of his hands. Her nylon panties feel silky and smooth. With steadily increasing pressure he pushes a finger into the folds of her panties. Her panties are pushed right into her pussy. 



Tranvestite Husband Has His Way With His Wife Part 2


Crossdresser's Wife Is Restrained And Then Taken Advantage Of Her. Kissing her hard, pulling on her engorged nipples Pushing insistent finger into her wet pussy and making her come. He puts her on her knees, spreads her ass cheeks and then sniff's and licks her ass while finger fucking her to her first noisy orgasm 


Tranvestite Husband Has His Way With His Wife Part 3


Imagine having a mature women tied face down to the bed. You have dressed her in your favorite things. Girdle and stockings with full cut nylon panties. White bra and sheer petticoat. Rikki loves anal play and now is his time to play. He pulls her panties down just enough to expose her ass hole. He spreads her cheeks with his fingers, leans over and slides his tongue around the rim of her wrinkled hole. She pushes back and his tongue slide inside her ass.


Tranvestite Husband Has His Way With His Wife Part 4


Her body is responding to the rough play. Her nipples get hard and erect as he pulls and twist then until she screams. Long steady pulling on her nipples excites her. Her pussy flows and her fragrance fills the room and makes his cock water.  How many finger can he fit inside her? How big is her pussy? How much can she take or need? She multi orgasmic. You lose track of how many times she comes. 


Tranvestite Husband Has His Way With His Wife Part 5


This wife has the wettest pussy you have ever seen. With his thumb deep inside her cunt he pumps until she squirt, screams and comes. White full cut panties have been pulled down. Her round ass is framed by the top of the panties and the bottom of her old fashioned girdle. The focus is on her ass and pussy. This woman comes hard. These are real people really having crossdressing sex. VERY HOT!


Tranvestite Husband Has His Way With His Wife Part 6


Our transvestite husband is almost done using his wife for his own pleasure. He unties her hands and makes her pull her panties aside, expose her cunt and masturbate for him. He watches her rub her clit and begins rubbing his own cock. She's hot and getting ready to come. He speeds up. She pushes two fingers in her cunt and pumped screaming as she orgasms and squirts and come.  Seeing her squirt sends him over the edge and he pumps his cock to orgasm and spurted his sissy cream on her panties and dripping fingers and cunt


Three Crossdressers Dress Up And Play

Crossdress and Mature Woman Threesome 2


Phaedra has another crossdresser to play with.  she makes him stand in front of her naked with his cock hard.  Then she rubs his cock with a pair of pink nylon panties making him even harder.  She ready to serviced so she lifts the hem of her nightie exposing her white panties to her pantybiy.  she k now this will excite him and that makes her pussy wet and swollen.  She rubs her pussy through her panties teasing him before telling him to lick and sniff her panty gusset and crotch.  He does as told leaving her panties stained with his red lipstick.  She then takes her panties off so you can get a goos close up of just how wet and sticky her panty crotch is.  Being with a crossdresser really turns her on and you can see just how much. He licks her cunt while the other crossdresser plays with her breast and nipples.  You can see from the smile on her face just how much she's enjoy being service orally.  She has the crossdresser stand and show her his panties and Rikki shows her how pantyboys like to be caressed in their panties

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